Who We Are

butterwrappersforpaulaWe are a group of dedicated Paula Deen fans whose lives have been touched in some way by Paula over the years. We come from all walks of life and have jobs and families just like you. We have hobbies, friends, and social lives. We’ve got pets, and we all have Paula in common.

Some of us are deeply connected to Paula, while others are enthusiastic fans who saw the wrong in the public character assassination of one of the most iconic and influential food celebrities of the decade. Paula’s rags to riches story has inspired millions of people – especially women – who may have otherwise lost hope in their situations.

Based on hours of research and consultation with experts, we’ve come to the conclusion that Paula Deen was unjustly vilified by a carefully calculated media smear campaign. This campaign fully intended to damage Paula’s reputation and damage her business.

As facts have come to reveal, what was reported in the media was taken out of context and distorted for the benefit of nothing more than ratings. And the people who maliciously leaked these false allegations to the National Enquirer sought only to cause pain and suffering in the lives of Paula Deen, her family and those around her.

Many people are just learning that the allegations that led to the cancellation of contracts and sponsorship are based in rumors, innuendo and outright lies, and they’re finding their way to the We Support Paula Deen Facebook page for answers and to offer support. That’s why we decided it was high time to assemble a web page to coordinate our efforts. Enraged and organized, we’re ready to send a clear message to the corporations who dropped Paula, as well as to the media:

Dear Butter Wrapper Recipient,
Each butter wrapper that you receive represents the voice of millions of loyal Paula Deen fans across America. A company without Paula, is like a butter wrapper without butter. We’re ashamed and outraged at the media’s careless and negligent handling and reporting which has caused pain and devastation in so many innocent lives. We insist that Scripps Network (Food Network, Great American Country – GAC, Cooking Channel) bring Paula back into our living rooms, and that each and every retailer, including QVC, restock Paula Deen product lines. Many supporters have suspended purchasing products from these corporations, and have discontinued viewing Food Network shows, and many more will follow.

Our message is far reaching to 10 million readers per week, and we’re tenacious. The time we once shared with Paula is now spent advocating for her. The time we once spent watching Food Network, Cooking Channel and GAC is now consumed with stuffing envelopes with butter wrappers, tweeting and sharing stories, and supporting the companies who have seen through the hogwash, and have stood behind Paula.

supportfundraiserClick Here to learn more about how you can join with us, and become part of the most powerful voice in the nation!

What We are Not

  • We are not activists
  • We are not a group motivated by a political agenda, and we are not affiliated with any political organization
  • We are not affiliated with any religious organization or church
  • Butter for Paula is not affiliated with Paula Deen Enterprises, The Bag Lady Foundation, or Stitches ‘n Dishes
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